Ron Osbourne got to talk to Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel of Phantogram for a few minutes at House Of Blues in Boston about their music and touring for 2014. Josh said they make music they, themselves would want to listen to regardless of some trends at the time, giving their jams an experimental feel with a great deal of unique “Sonic textures”. Friends since high school, Sarah confirms she and Josh didn’t work on music together in high school, but as their friendship grew, so did their musical collaborations, creating music after solo works from Josh then adding new rhythms and lyrics around 2007 where it really started, so, put it all together and there’s the brew for Phantogram. Get their second album if you haven’t already, “Voices”…including the powerful “Fall In Love”, “Black Out Days”, “Celebrating Nothing”…you’ll dig all the tunes…we do!

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Watch Phantogram perform
“Fall In Love”
At House Of Blues, Boston
June 21, 2014

(L – R) Josh Carter, Ron Osbourne, Sarah Barthel