How Can I Listen online?


(Option 1) Listen online at

Click “Listen Live” button and you’ll see something like this:

(Option 2) You can download a radio app for for most smartphones
We recommend to NOT
Download our app from App Stores.
It’s OUTDATED technology.

(Option 3) Waste no time and click play now…

Still have questions?

Will my wireless carrier charge me for listening?

Most wireless smartphones have Unlimited Data these days, some do not.
Check with your wireless carrier to determine how much data your plan is allowed.
NOTE: We utilize a LOW bandwidth, HIGH sound quality stream technology.
That means, you’ll use less “connection data” than other stations.
Yeah, we know, we’re magicians  😛

How Can I Listen In My Car?

You can listen to Radio Buzz 101 in your car one of a few ways;
(1) Check to see if your car audio equipment has bluetooth.
If it does, great…your smartphone probably does too.
Pair your phone to your car audio equipment…when you park 😛

(2) Use an AUX cable

I want to listen and leave it on all the time, is that OK?

No one here will disagree with that!
However see above “Will my wireless carrier charge me for listening?
Home & office broadband connections are almost all unlimited.
Our stream utilizes low bandwidth coupled with high quality sound,
You can actually surf and download at the same time without any disruptions.

Where else can I hear Radio Buzz 101?

We’re excited to be part of the listing…check it out. and TuneIn web player.

Using Amazon Alexa
Say on of the following:
“Alexa, Play WRB DB”
“Alexa, Play Radio Buzz one hundred one”
“Alexa, Play Radio Buzz 1 OH 1”