CHVRCHΞS – May 4, 2014 T5 NYC

On Sunday May 4, 2014, RadioBuzz101’s Ron Osbourne got to catch up with the members of Chvrches right before their show at Terminal5 NYC. With a sold out 2014 tour schedule and a super crazy light and sound show, Chvrches is definitely a must see live! The music, lyrics, lighting bring out a euphoric sensation during their shows… Osbourne: “Chvrches “Synth-pop” sound is what candy is to a 10 year old!” Check out their Facebook and twitter pages as they like to personally maintain most/all of the posts. “Every song on The Bones of What You Believe will lure you in for another listen”. If you haven’t yet, you will soon be groovin tunes by CHVRCHΞS .