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We are The Future of The Future…

Simply Described as “Candy Coated Cyanide” the self dubbed “The future of the Future”, The Fantastic Plastics, craft infectious pop hooks sprinkled with thick analog synths and a dose whip smart lyrics.  Their live shows are enhanced with vintage TVs, Atari video graphics and video installations, along with costumes, dance moves, and a huge sound.

On January 25th 2014 The Fantastic Plastics dropped their first release, a 5 track EP titled “Outsiders”.

Their first full length album “Devolver” 2015

The Fantastic Plastics – We Are Obsolete
Watch the video…it’s cool
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Synth/Theremin/Vocals – Miranda Plastic
Guitar/Bass/Synth/Drum/programming/Vocals – Tyson Plastic
Drum/programming/Bass/Synth/Vocals/Video installation – Dylan Plastic

Hometown: New York City