Dr. Chris Evans & Hozay Smith

Witness the corruption by The Mayor of Fogarea every Saturday morning
9AM until noon eastern where Dr. Chris tries to reason with underhanded Mayor.


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Chris Evans; Radio and television broadcaster in New York, Detroit & Connecticut; adjunct professor for 20 years at 3 major northeast universities; Media trainer and presentation coach to Fortune 500 executives; Successful small business owner, manufacturing custom built electric guitars; Exclusive US importer of Swissvax, the world’s most expensive line of car care cosmetics.

Been known to spontaneously break into shadow puppets during painfully long lulls in the conversation.

Hozay Smith; Holds a GED and worked a number of unskilled labor positions before he discovered being a jerk on the radio can be highly lucrative. He is the openly and honestly corrupt, Mayor of Fogarea, an alternative universe domicile based on the, “Fog Area,” signs on highways across America, indicating quick forming weather patterns in low lying areas.   Once one enters Fogarea, all forms of aberrant behavior are excused.  The suburbs include Restarea, Servicearea, Falling Rockarea and Picnicarea.

He is one of the founders of the University of Fogarea, and has frequently led the UFog, “Fighting Fungus,” football team onto the field before home games.  Fog U, as it has come to be known, is an openly corrupt university where grades can be bought, traded, stolen, rented, borrowed or imagined.  The universities’ motto is, “The Endless Pursuit of Knowledge is a Complete Waste of Time.”

His autobiography, “Corruptus Politicus,” is available through Amazon.com (download) or through Lulu.com (hard copy).